Experience a World Premiere – Patches of Blue – The Musical

Last updated: April 25 2011

I recently had the tremendous privilege of attending the first full rehearsal for a new Canadian musical for which the World Premiere is set for the last weekend in May. Patches of Blue – The Musical, is a light-hearted musical comedy with jazz and pop elements, written, produced, and directed by Joan Hendershot and choreographed by Eric Oleskiw. Visit the Home Page for details, plus links to  Cast and Crew Profiles, to Order Tickets, and for Directions to the venues in Brantford.

This new musical is a true work of creative genius. The original songs will stay with you long after the performance. The characters are so richly-defined that they not only seem real but very likable.  The simple set allows the drama and comedy to shine through the skills of the players and through the imagination of the audience. This is a very smart work that will appeal to all ages from young adult to old, and both men and women. The dance numbers are delightful and an excellent complement to the score.

I believe that this is going to be an important work with a wonderful future. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the world premiere. Ticket prices are nominal ($10.00 each) making this affordable for everyone. Having seen the rehearsal, I can’t wait to see the premiere and experience it with audience.  Order your tickets now!

Glenda MacDonald

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