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Last updated: Tues. October 14,  2014 (First published August 31, 2014) .

Big Pic Kit

2014 Aug Kit wearing coin necklaceOn Sunday, August 24, 2014, I was walking in my neighbourhood and noticed a poster indicating that Catherine (Kit) Currie was missing.  I immediately took a photo of the poster and tweeted it and posted to Facebook. I  followed her story closely and helped to share information about the search efforts through her neighbour and her sister.

I am close in age to Kit and she looked familiar to me.  Maybe we smiled at each other in the neighbourhood. I like to think so.

Kit was an artist, a mother, a sister, a daughter, an ex-wife, a volunteer at the Art Gallery of Ontario, a life-model for Ontario College of Art and Design, a lover of flowers and nature with strong survival instincts and training, a bicyclist… by all accounts an amazing cherished woman.

Kit’s family, friends, caring strangers, the police, and the media worked hard to find Kit through ground searches, poster campaigns, social media, etc. from Toronto to the Ottawa area.

Sadly  on September 6th, news of the outcome was not as was hoped.  A memorial service was recently held for Kit.  My condolences go out to Kit’s family, friends and all who participated in the search efforts to find her.

She was truly loved and I am forlorn that I will never get to meet her.

The social media pages have been transformed now to memorial tributes.

Facebook Page:  Honouring Kit Currie  https://www.facebook.com/findkit
Twitter: Honouring Kit Currie @FindKit  https://twitter.com/FindKit

By Glenda MacDonald


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